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24-Jun-2020 19:26

In the physical world, partners are found in family networks or among circles of friends and colleagues. People who meet online are overwhelmingly likely to be strangers.

As a result, dating digitally offers much greater choice.

The internet is the second-most-popular way for Americans to meet people of the opposite sex, and is fast catching up with real-world “friend of a friend” introductions.

The entry into the market of Facebook, armed with data from its 2.2bn users, will provide clues as to whether online dating will inexorably consolidate into fewer, larger platforms.Precious little evidence exists to show that opportunities online are encouraging infidelity.In America, divorce rates climbed until just before the advent of the internet, and have fallen since.Online dating may make the effect more pronounced: education levels are displayed prominently on dating profiles in a way they would never be offline.

It is not hard to imagine dating services of the future matching people by preferred traits, as determined by uploaded genomes.

This new world of romance may also have unintended consequences for society.