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Though weeks on the road can sometimes bring more frustration than freedom, she wouldn’t have it any other way.It's mid-morning on a muggy Wednesday in August, and Melissa Rojas and I are careening east through Texas on Interstate 30.The Michigan-based mom has been behind the wheel of long-haul trucks for three and a half years and currently runs a route that takes her from Michigan to New Mexico and back again — a six-day, 3,500-mile round trip that she makes every single week. We've dined in the truck, slept in the truck, and considered the possibility of urinating in the truck.We have answered to no one and, with the exception of getting the cargo at the right time, have made our own schedule, determined our own route, and stopped whenever nature called.In 2014, 3.4 million truck drivers were on the road, and only 5.8% of them were women.It's a dangerous job all around; in 2013, 3,858 drivers were involved in fatal accidents."That car spun out ’cause it was really light.”"But," she adds, turning her eyes back to the road, "if I hydroplane, we're flipping over."I'm trying not to panic, but I will later be told that my knuckles turned white during what seemed to be a close brush with death.But for Rojas, a third-generation truck driver, this moment could not be more ordinary.

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But for female drivers, the danger goes much further.Her mother and stepfather both operated long-haul commercial vehicles, as did her maternal grandfather.As a teenager, she was often left alone while they were on the road, and she swore up and down and on everything holy that she would never follow in their footsteps. “I did it because I needed money."C1 Truck Driver Training, the school that ran the ads, put Rojas up in a hotel in Fort Wayne, Indiana, for four weeks of training.But in 2012, she was working three part-time jobs — bartending, cashiering at Mc Donald’s, and selling shoes — and still struggling to support herself and her children. True to her genes, she was a natural."I took to it like a fish to water," she says. England, and Swift Transportation — operate tens of thousands of vehicles each.

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One day, she was scrolling through and an ad kept popping up. "It was not necessarily conducive to the home life I wanted to have, but it paid the bills — more than working at Mc Donald's for the rest of my life."Rojas went on to work for three companies: USA Trucks and Schneider National — both of which are among the largest trucking companies in the U. — and her current employer, a mom-and-pop operation owned by Michigan-based Therese and Larry Mc Comb. Drivers are at the mercy of anonymous dispatchers, and can be on the road for months at a time.

There’s a good 3 feet between the bottom of the truck and the pavement, into which Rojas, at 5'2", crouches easily to examine the brake lines, brake pads, tire pressure, and landing gear.