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The country also offers registration facilities for foreign companies. Apart from the export oriented manufacturing, tuna and plantation crops, trade is limited to locally produced fish and vegetables and imported manufactured goods. There is hierarchy of color terms, from ble ("blue") to bla-rose ("white-pink") that coincides with the historical continuum of status from plantation worker to landowner.

Seychellois use the color terms to identify the people they are talking about.

The colors are yellow, red, white, and green, with a blue wedge at the upper left.

The plantation was focused on a lakou (courtyard with an owner's or manager's house), the kalorife (drying oven for copra), and storage houses.

Seychelles Creole has a strong resemblance to the Creoles of Mauritius and Reunion and those of the Caribbean.

There has been disagreement about the use of French versus English and the extent to which Creole should be used. The English-French divide occurs in debates about how new words should be integrated into Creole. The flag consists of wedges or rays emanating from the lower left corner.

The Seychelles Rupee (SRS) is the national currency. In 1960, fifty-six landowners held two-thirds of the agricultural land. Tuna fishing and canning are becoming increasingly important, as is aquaculture.

A small manufacturing sector is linked to the establishment of an international trade zone. Social stratification is symbolized largely by skin color and ethnic origin.

The central islands have a continental shelf and are granitic, while the outlying ones are flat coral islands. The capital, Victoria, is on the main island, Mahé, at a spot where the island of Saint Anne creates natural harbor.

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