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04-May-2020 08:00

Dating online has its pluses and minuses, but if you find Ukrainian woman you will be fortunate.

What does it mean dating online and how to date in Internet?

Really this is an issue with every episode of the podcast and everything I’m about to say applies to every episode but maybe two, three times as much when it comes to Bakersfield.

For one thing, the mainstream conversation about country music always centers on Nashville, as if great country doesn’t come from other states.

Our Ukrainian ladies are oriented to family relations and they are cordial, open, sensitive, and well-balanced.

On the other hand, right now, as I’m writing these Liner Notes, last week’s episode has not even gone public.It will keep giving us episodes of the podcast like the ones it’s already given us and I’m okay with that, too. However, this information has been sent to me from a credible source, through no effort or interference of my own.By the way, if you have a story or you know a story that you think nobody knows and it’s not in any books or newspapers, nobody’s preventing you from telling it. As this is one of the most mysterious events in country music history, surrounded by so much unfounded speculation and gossip, I feel it would go against the spirit of this entire project for me to not share with you all what I now know.So I’m still very much dreading the reaction to these two episodes.

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Not so much because of what’s in these episodes – quite the opposite – and not really from fans of the podcast but from musicians on the Bakersfield scene (or those close to them) who are checking this podcast out for the first time just to see if they’re finally going to get their due, if they’re finally going to get to hear their name included in the story.I do have several more reasons that I don’t even really need to get into but the gist of it is, if there’s not enough publicly available information from good sources, then I almost certainly have no business trying to tell that story anyway. [UPDATE (May 14, 2018): I have been contacted by one of Don Rich’s sons, Vic, who told me that he is the author of that blog comment I found.

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