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29-Jun-2020 18:18

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When you’re a twenty-something, it’s all about having fun.You’re more carefree; you’re not really looking for anything serious. You’re not about dating just for the sake of dating—who has time for that?It’s been shown over and over again that universally attractive people get more job opportunities and make more sales, are seen as more trustworthy and likable, are perceived to be healthier and have an easier time attracting mates and much more. And thanks Mom and Dad, because things like facial symmetry, eyelash length and thickness of hair are all genetic. They say, “age is nothing but a number,” and I agree, you’re only “old” if consider yourself that. And hey, weight training can help maintain soft tissue integrity, ha, but there’s no denying the fact that your body changes as you age.

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Being a woman who posts photos on the internet to garner affirmation is even okay (just have the awareness and don’t judge it).

But as frustrating as it can feel to watch the people around you get hitched and have babies while you’re spending your Friday nights going on a string of lackluster dates, there are a lot of benefits to dating in your 30s.