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20-Nov-2020 06:09

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However, if you have a “move-up goal” like changing careers or starting a new business, only tell those who you know will support you in your decision. ” you should know that people who support you won’t just blindly say yes to whatever you’re doing.

Now before you concern trolls start furiously typing in the comments things like, “BUT RAMIT, if you only tell people who support you, you’ll fall into an echo chamber!!!! They’ll know how to encourage you to accomplish your goals while providing constructive feedback when necessary. This reader’s mother sounds like a lot of other mothers I know — willing to brag to their friends about their kid’s accomplishments, but won’t give them a single inch of support in private.

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So I put it to my readers: I included the stipulation that readers couldn’t just say, “Cut them out of your life!When this occurs, many are faced with a tough decision: Do I continue telling Mom about my goals or should I divulge this information with someone who’ll actually support me?

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