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Other cell types have been shown to develop in the CAM culture system suggesting its usefulness in regenerative medicine [7].The CAM culture system is a popular model to study the acute toxicology of anti-cancer agents [8] and to investigate angiogenesis in human ovarian cancer [9]; however, little information is available on the use of CAM culture for adult bovine ovarian tissues.Ovarian tissues were examined on culture days 0, 1, 3 and 5 for angiogenesis, follicle morphology and growth.

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Ovarian cortical tissues (1–2 mm), collected from slaughtered adult cows, were randomly assigned to control, CAM or in vitro culture groups.Did you know that most train companies in the UK increase their prices as the departure date approaches?Our aim is to help you save – we’ll help you find the cheapest tickets, and even tell you when the prices are likely to increase with Price Prediction. Look out for Advance tickets – they usually come out up to 12 weeks before the departure date.Furthermore, mouse ovarian tissues xenografted onto immunodeficient nude rats produced mature oocytes which were fertilized and developed into fertile adult mice [3].

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In vitro culture requires a CO incubator with high humidity and media; whereas, tissue xenografting requires immunodeficient mice, surgical skills and animal care.

The organ-culture of intact ovaries from newborn mice for 8 days followed by in vitro culture of retrieved oocyte-granulosa cell complexes for an additional 14 days, led to the birth of healthy pups following in vitro fertilization and embryo transfer [1].

The results of the exposure dating indicate that all of the precarious rocks are 10.5 ka and that some may be significantly older.… continue reading »

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But there’s something to be said for someone who knows they have herpes and knows how to manage it versus someone who has herpes and doesn’t know and has never been tested. Garrison, a clinical sexologist, told Primer: “When a person living with herpes knows everything about herpes and can comfort themselves and educate their partners, when they can know their prodrome and understand what that means, when they are aware of what can trigger their outbreaks, then sex with them can be (and often is! That being said, you'll never reduce your risk of contracting herpes from a partner down to zero. There are three ways to reduce the risk of transmission.… continue reading »

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