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03-Sep-2020 19:58

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It's also a good way to talk if you're in a long distant relationships, friends or family memebers But there's something you SHOULD be aware about when you use skype.Skype isn't as private as you think and any conversation whether that be text, voice or video chats can potentially be read by Microsoft without your knowledge and information can be passed.Leading on from this, Discord does have a setting that will automatically block what you don't want to see- mostly NSFW things that I imagine many parents don't want their children being exposed to.However, as stated in Discords rules/terms of conditions, server owners are required to have a set channel for NSFW content that requires you to confirm your 18 and safe to view.The first time I actually used Skype on my account (it was for gaming) was yesterday.A lot of my friends have it, my brother also uses it to chat with his friends as well. even though it hasn't happened to me yet, don't accept contact requests from people you don't know.Common Sense Media thought the glitches were occasional but I think the glitches are frequent and are usually not fixed because Skype isn't willing to fix it.On the other hand, it would be a great way to stay in touch with families and friends who live far away.

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Yo, Skype employees, do you really have to not do what your customers request you to do?

I recommend this 10-11: NO STRANGERS; Text Only Friends 11-12: Voice and Text Strangers; Text, call or video call friends 13: Text, call, or video call anyone, (Be careful) I CHOSE THE FOLLOWING BECAUSE ANYTHING GOES THROUGH IN SKYPE, THERE IS NO FILTER, SEX, SWEARING, DRUGS, SMOKING, DRINKING, SELLING, VIOLENCE, ANYTHING GOES!

Skype is a wonderful social network for friends & family to communicate with each other.

I honestly think that Skype is safer for those who are of a slightly older age who are mature enough and don't go adding and talking to people they don't know. There are just some things I have to protest about.

When you have problems with Skype and you want it to be fixed, you are begging on your knees for Skype to actually fix it!

Even when you tell them your problems, they do not take you seriously and will not fix the problems that their angry customers nicely requested for them to fix.