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As cute as this sounds, it’s actually a quite dirty word in Britan that refers to a unique portion of the female anatomy.

If you follow her on social media, you’ll also note that her Twitter handle is @mingey.

She even joked that it was an experience she could probably handle having twice in a lifetime.

Not many women can claim that sort of attention from two such handsome stars, and her ability to see the positive was surely aided by the view.

The actress says that she is a kind of obsessive-compulsive person who feels compelled to multi-task daily. Now, she has a huge taxidermy collection including numerous butterflies, an owl, a moose, a fox, a goat, and even a baby horse and a hybrid deer.

At first, the future film star Amanda Seyfried wanted to gain fame with her beauty.

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Here are some of the better movies from her career: Love is an enduring thing, no matter how far apart two people tend to be at any given time.When the actress came-to she found herself the subject of some incredible attention.With Russel Crow at her feet and Hugh Jackman giving her a shoulder rub, it certainly wasn’t all bad.As for the sexy body of Amanda, the film star exercises on an elliptical in the backyard of her house for 45 minutes every day.

Amanda doesn’t stick to strict diets but tries to eat healthily. In an interview on late-night TV, Amanda Seyfreid admitted to having been obsessed with NSYNC when she was younger.Amanda and her husband Thomas Sadoski did not have a typical Hollywood wedding.