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14-Oct-2020 08:40

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That feeling doesn’t last though and eventually I was right back down in the depths when I would come across his flirting with another girl or realize he hadn’t initiated contact in weeks. It soon became abundantly clear that loving and being loved in return feels much better than all those highs and it doesn’t come with any lows.

I would fight to the death to get that high feeling back and when I did, I would unceremoniously be slammed back to the bottom when it was gone. On the flipside, liking someone who actually likes me is an entirely different world. I thought I was giving something up that I wanted when really I was just giving up the drama. No matter how self-confident you claim to be, being with someone who doesn’t value you makes it hard to value yourself whereas being with someone who thinks you’re amazing, makes you amazing. The truth is, when you finally abandon your propensity to desire men who don’t like you and instead make up in your mind to settle for the men who do, you’ll quickly realize that you didn’t settle at all.

I had to tell myself that there is nothing endearing about a man who couldn’t care less about me. Plenty of men who were interested in me fit my superficial descriptions, but I observed that when I was dealing with men who interested, it added to their allure.

The feeling that my heart got when he just gave me a little bit of attention was like winning a game or coming across a ridiculously discounted sale.

I recently made an online profile in the hopes of trying to find a man that I can connect with on a deeper level than the past.

I’ve tried to learn from my past mistakes in dating and grow from them and I figured trying online dating would help widen my dating pool.

So look back at your experiences with two kinds of men: the men who turned into your best boyfriends and the kind where you didn’t know where you stood. You don’t get him back because he doesn’t want you badly enough.

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As a result, my friends and I nicknamed him “Masterpiece”.

I would rehearse all of his great qualities in my head and tell them to friends when explaining why I just couldn’t walk away.