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But she spends this novel trying to work out why her son committed a school massacre.Was her snobbery about her fellow Americans a cause?The other problem with covering this period by genre is that many of its most famous writers wrote in more than one genre, so the same writer must be considered multiple times.A final disadvantage is the proximity of many of the genres to another genre.American Literature, defined here as it traditionally has been to be the literature of the United States, or as written on land that would one day become the United States, has as its beginning date 1583, the year the earliest English writing explorers started to write about the new continent. This year is a guideline not a rigidly held cutoff.Some date the end of the Colonial Period as early as 1763, the start of the French and Indian War, the results of which set in motion a chain of events that led the colonies to seek independence from Great Britain. The writing of the period varied greatly in terms of quality and subject, but less so in terms of genre.

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All the Pretty Horses Cormac Mc Carthy (1992) The reclusive author best known for bringing a biblical sense of evil into his portrayal of the unforgiving American landscape achieved mainstream success with this tale of a talented 16-year-old horse breaker, evicted from his Texan ranch in 1940. The Heart is a Lonely Hunter Carson Mc Cullers (1940) The debut of a 23-year-old author, this small-town drama set in the Depression-era South tells of a teenage girl, an African-American doctor, an alcoholic socialist, and a taciturn diner owner who all think the local deaf-mute “gets” them. Fugitive Pieces Anne Michaels (1996) In this haunting narrative of a Jewish boy who hides while the Nazis take his family, the Canadian poet wrote that death first becomes believable when “You recognise the one whose loss, even contemplated, you’ll carry forever, like a sleeping child.” We Need to Talk About Kevin Lionel Shriver (2003) Even to his mother, Kevin Katchadourian has been a creature of “opaque predilections” since birth.

Not all of these genres span the entire period, although a few do.

Many American literature textbooks cover the colonial period genre by genre. This period of literature spans almost 300 years, longer by far than all of the other periods of literature put together.

Fathoms deep in allusion and nautical nomenclature.

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The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Mark Twain (1884) Set in the geographic centre of the antebellum US, the sequel to The Adventures of Tom Sawyer is the colourful tale of an abused and motherless boy’s coming of age along the Mississippi River which wittily challenged America’s perception of itself as the “sivilized” land of the free. because her mother was trying to arrange a marriage for her.