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The team has come together organically, being that we all know each through each other.

Our devs are all fullstack and are spread out in USA, South Africa, and Pakistan.

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According to their website, Muzbnb's "community lists a variety of spaces ranging from houses, apartments, condos and much more." Whether you're looking to rent an entire house or just a room, the company has your back.If people want to list their home or rent houses within these focused communities, that's their decision. ✌️ Something tells me you have a bright future ahead of you! And Airbnb have been actively removing hosts who don't take bookings from certain groups.There have been a lot of developments in this space. I'm a huge fan of Pieter Levels and Mubashar Iqbal (among others) and hope to one day be mentioned in the same vein as them.Could you tell us a bit more about how you've built your team at Muzbnb and how you're scaling the business? Honestly, I was a bit weary to post on PH due to the unaccepting attitudes of some when it comes to a maker utilizing faith-based segmentation for his niche. Interestingly enough though, I've had tons of people from all backgrounds express how impressed they are with the idea and have even offered financial support to the project.

For that I am grateful, and have learned to take the praise with the criticisms (I'm trolling on PH though because I love balance and to ruffle the occasional feather 😜). At Muzbnb, we have a team of about 8, not including advisors.As a practicing Muslim, Hadi Shakuur is well aware of the specific needs those of his faith have when they're traveling: everything from space to pray to recommendations for nearby halal dining options.