Ante quem dating

14-Dec-2020 02:51

The drape is verified over a vertical relief amplitude of more than 2000 meters, from valley floors up to LGM nunataks (Gild et al., 2016).A level of polymictic siliciclastic silt was found also directly on top of the Strassberg rock avalanche deposit.

The high post-glacial event age is consistent with evidence that the clearing of the older trunk valley from LGM sediments was just on the verge to start when it was bruskly quenched by the descend of the rock avalanche. Bulk radiocarbon ages of the acid-washed, humic fraction of soil horizons intercalated into colluvium above the rock avalanche deposit indicated an oldest age of 11180-11170 a cal BP; a large scatter of radiocarbon ages (youngest: 7960 a cal BP; oldest: 11180 a cal BP; total of three ages) indicated that these well-drained soils were subject to input of younger humic substance, thus can provide only a crude proxy ante-quam date for the event.Over the past two years, in the NCA, a landscape-wide drape of polymictic siliciclastic aeolian silt was discovered that - as suggested by its geomorphic and sedimentary context - most probably was deposited during the late-glacial chron.Because of its large extent and accessibility to OSL dating, the mentioned silt drape provides the first-ever regional chronostratigraphic marker in post-glacial deposits of the Alps.

Gild et al., 2016, Geophysical Research Abstracts, vol.

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