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He tries to see the good in all people and often acts as the voice of reason amongst his teammates, who were rarely—if ever—as cool-headed as he was.

Kaldur always speaks in a formal manner, with an air of respect to all people, both young and old, and he demonstrates the utmost respect to all of the adult heroes of the Justice League, even when he disagrees with them.

He holds Aquaman in the highest regard because he is his king.

Kaldur'ahm was (eventually) considered by all his teammates to be the natural choice for team leader.

Although Garth declined the offer and returned to his studies, Kaldur jumped at the chance to serve his king as his sidekick.

Aqualad eagerly expected to become a member of the Justice League, alongside Speedy, Robin, and Kid Flash.

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It had a disc-shaped helmet with two large, daunting red eyes that also allowed him to shoot lasers; there were small tubes that connected from the back of the head to his shoulders.

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