Baby bash dating

25-Sep-2019 07:28

In 2008, she married fellow correspondent of CNN, John King.

John King converted to Judaism, before marrying her and he was a Roman Catholic, by birth. Dana Bash and King have a son and in 2012, the couple announced that they have separated.

When asked about the divorce, Dana Bash said that they will continue to co-parent their son, with maximum professionalism.

She also has requested the media to respect their privacy, during these difficult times. She works now as the chief congressional correspondent of CNN and was awarded the Dirksen award.

There were rumors about John King having affair with one of the correspondents on CNN, after their announcement of separation.

Unfortunately, the couple separated in 2012 for reasons unknown and finalized their divorce that same year.

Paula is little secretive but is not linked to any guy as of now.