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Changing tastes ALSO READ: How to stop comparing your relationship to others’ Unfortunately, men are not making it easy; they keep changing their tastes and preferences! Cases of women doing crazy things in order to gain curves, big buttocks, lightening their skins or even posing nude to get men’s attention are rampant, especially on the internet. Set standards However, let’s flip this argument around. Surely men, you see what you make women go through?These cases are so common that some women now believe they have a free pass in life if they had the hourglass figure, long Indian hair, ‘perfect’ fake nails, and that they don’t have to work hard in school or in their careers. Apparently, “yellow yellow” is the standard of beauty these days.Um, yeah, if the man who trains Kim Kardashian is dishing out tips on how to get a bigger but, you better believe we’re listening.When celeb PT Gunnar Peterson (who has also trained Jennifer Lopez, Ciara and Dakota Johnson, BTW) kindly offered to pull the curtain back on how to get an amazing booty, we knew we were about to stumble on some serious workout gold.Check out Penne attempting to get into the pants while out of fight camp within the video provided below. Join @angieoverkill and myself as we sip on our drinks and talk #ufc226 !!! @courtneyhendo (( LINK IN BIO )) #ufc #wmma #mma A post shared by Jessica Penne (@jessicapenne) on We are happy to announce that #2STRAWS is now brought to you by @worldbkff ?? In the last two years or so, there has been an influx of young girls going around town, masquerading as socialites and others as models (never mind most, when they are not pint-sized, are rotund! The character in question is a grown woman; at her age she must be knowing the dangers and consequences of “bleaching”. However, a few days ago I got reeled back into the topic of women who use erotic capital to get ahead in life after I got into a heated debate with a male friend over the matter.It’s also best to stick to whole foods rather than protein bars or protein shakes; however, he concedes that these are OK “if you’re in a real bind” and advises to pick ones with a high-protein to low-sugar ratio. how-to-get-a-bigger-butt " data-medium-file=" w=530" data-large-file=" w=712" class="size-full wp-image-530422" src=" w=712&h=900" alt="how to get a bigger butt How to Get a Bigger Butt, According to Kim Kardashians Trainer Gunnar Peterson" width="712" height="900" srcset=", 119w,

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According to ABC News, the results found that women with bigger backsides tend to have lower levels of cholesterol and are more likely to produce hormones to metabolize sugar.

) ALSO READ: Things you should know about dating an older man The madness doesn’t end there. A while back, there was an uproar after one of the so-called socialites lightened her skin (I like the way Kenyans bluntly put it; bleaching). What exactly makes women think they can get ahead in life by improving or changing their looks and ‘cultivating’ hips and curves on their bodies?

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