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26-Aug-2020 21:18

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You're not cynical — you're overly intelligent, and everyone else is a sap.

The wool has been pulled from your eyes, you can finally see how the world really functions, and, naturally, it's your civic duty to lecture everyone else. You can see how this contrarian progression coded as maturation would appeal to someone like Billy Corgan, with his lifelong interests in esoterica and spirituality.

Mamet framed his change of heart differently: as an evolution.

Corgan, the Pumpkins' frontman and only permanent member, recently guested on Alex Jones's conspiracy theory radio show, "Infowars," whose tagline is the Rollins-esque "There's a war on for your mind!Do I hear any of the current, paranoid, out-of-touch Corgan in now? I still mostly hear the hazy psychedelic textures that made me love the album years ago — the "liquid peppermint" love songs and lacy romanticism, the soft-loud-soft devotionals to the self.

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“I’d always done different creative projects, but I needed something to work on for weeks at a time.” So she thought she’d try writing her own children’s book.… continue reading »

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I may or may not have an Ok Cupid profile through which I’ve met a couple of folks who’ve become my friends. Back when Facebook was brand new and a lot smaller, I met my college friends by combing through mutual interests.… continue reading »

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