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Andrews says Fassbender was driving recklessly and screaming at her, so she put the car in stop, got out of the car, and walked over to the driver’s side to take the key out of the ignition.Fassbender allegedly put the car in drive, dragging Andrews along with it.He constantly expresses his views on political matters on both local and national level.The political liberal has appeared on on-screen and radio political shows.Bradley Whitford, 59, known for his Emmy-winning role on The West Wing, has "shocking" white hair these days to go along with his white-hot career. White hair didn’t keep you from being cast in Nicole Kidman’s new crime film Destroyer. It’s easy to make fun of politics, but politics is the way you create your moral vision and Aaron [writer-producer Aaron Sorkin] is a very noncynical, patriotic guy. And now, are you going to ask me if there’s going to be a reboot? With choice roles in such critical darlings as last year's The Post and Get Out and a delicious turn as a bad guy in Nicole Kidman's new drama Destroyer, he will now be seen in National Geographic's six-episode docudrama Valley of the Boom as Netscape CEO James Barksdale. I think we all are, even though as individuals we are dark and cynical people. According to The Daily Beast, the court filings say Fassbender became angry with Andrews after one of her ex-boyfriends came over to their table to say hello.The actor’s anger carried over to the car ride home.

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“Lots of internal bleeding.” A second instance of abuse reportedly occurred at a July 2009 film festival.Sign Up: Stay on top of the latest breaking film and TV news! Bradley Whitford is an award-winning actor, political analyst and media personality.The next morning Andrews found Fassbender “sleeping in urine” and when she tried to wake him up, he allegedly threw her over a chair and broke her nose.

Fassbender has never spoken about the allegations publicly.The series centers on Silicon Valley's dot-com boom and bust, so we couldn't help but ask about technology, The West Wing and more. Valley of the Boom is set in the dot-com gold rush circa 2001 — right at the time The West Wing was a hit.