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She gained recognition for playing Daphne Millbrook in the NBC television series named, "Heroes" in the year 2008. She then starred in the horror movie "Halloween II".

Brea Colleen Grant and Vera Miao also wrote, directed, and starred in a post-apocalyptic film named, "Best Friends Forever" playing the role as Harriet in the year of 2013.

In the next few years, she had roles in B-movies and made 1-episode appearances on some TV shows.

She has a romantically the affair with an American game show host and TV personality. The couple is dating since 2013 and they are enjoying their life very happily so there are no signs of their separation.

Will there be friction when Parkman doesn't find the Daphne he's expecting? We definitely seem like opposites at this point in time.

Daphne is very playful, but she has to make some hard decisions about where her life is going, so she may calm down a bit.

She sees all these things happen involving the formula and she has to make decisions about who she ends up with – which may or may not be the future that you saw. Is the formula Mohinder created using Maya's tears different than what's on the papers Daphne's been stealing? It seems that the people we've come to know as heroes could turn out to be villains.

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Las vegas adult chatrooms Will we see how Daphne and Parkman fall in love?

She is a writer and actress known best for her work as Daphne Millbrook on the television series Heroes.

Synopsis Brea Grant Heroes career has made her extremely well known all over the world.

(Hint: Keep an eye out for the Speedster's most prized possession.) NBC's When you got the role, did you know that you were going to be this deeply involved in the story?

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Brea Grant: I had an idea because when I screen tested, it was with Masi Oka and Greg Grunberg.

I will tell you, that turtle outlasts a lot of cast members.