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– Social backlash, especially from parents, were also asked and the majority of participants – 18 (62%) in total – have told researchers that their parents are accepting of their choices and 11 (38%) of the men say that their parents were not as accepting.

– Twenty-four out of 27 respondents (two did not provide feedback) admitted that they take part in sexual relations with other men.

In terms of level of education, 15 have secondary school qualifications, 13 who have been to college/university and one did not go to school.

Those working in the private sector totaled ten, seven public servants, six have their own businesses and six are unemployed.

Twelve of the men said they do not ask for payment when the suggestion of performing sexual acts was brought up.

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Twenty-two of the men said that they preferred good looking men and who have a specific type of physique, while two other said they preferred men who are “romantic and caring”, two others said they preferred rich men and another two men said preferences varies.

Their report said, “having sexual relations “is the main agenda” within the gay community.

They go on to report about the commercial aspect of sex: “Three of the men, meanwhile, said that payment is subject to the other party whether or not they would pay for sexual activities.

– Those involved in the study said they have a much “higher status” compared to effeminate men and explained to researchers that gay men can be categorized into two groups – gay men who have feelings for other men and those who have feelings and have sexual relations with other men.

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– When asked to elaborate further about the history of their sexual preference, 11 said that they “chose” to be homosexuals, five said they were “influenced” by their friends, four said they were attracted to the same sex, four said it was “natural”, another four said it was due to “familial influence” and one said he turned gay because of a failed relationship.In other Muslim countries a gay family member would typically be rejected and possibly killed by family or friends.

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