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Virtue even skipped Grade 8 so she could enrol at Bluevale Collegiate with Moir.By then, they’d come to know each other with the intimacy of twins.Like young hockey stars, they left home early—at 13 and 15—moving in with billets in Kitchener.

“They sense each other’s every move.” On the ice, one can tell what the other is thinking with a squeeze of the hand, or the look of an eye.C., the two youngsters took to the ice to practice.“They were maybe 10 and 12 years old, or younger,” she says.Eventually, they outgrew Mac Intosh—and Canada—and sought the help of Russian coaches Marina Zoueva and Igor Shpilband, world leaders in ice dance who’d put out their shingle in the Detroit suburb of Canton.

“We knew they had to do something to compete internationally with the European skaters,” says Alma.

“They had it down pat—just as we turned the last corner they’d wake up,” adds Alma.