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24-May-2020 03:19

How she lately started using a vibrator to help tame her fires.She also told me how jealous she was when I looked at other women or went out on a date.We both had our own computers in our own rooms and separate phone lines for both of them.So I went back to my room and logged on to the same place under the name of Momma's Boy.Then she asked me if I would pretend to be her son. She liked to play out different fantasy scenes with me.In one I would hypnotize her as part of a school project and then take advantage of my power over her.She realized this was becoming an obsession yet she could not help herself.

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She also had a full, slightly heavy, hourglass figure.

It wasn't hard to strike up a conversation with her. I wasn't able to get far with her that night yet we agreed to me over the next couple of days and we got to know each other.

Little by little I was able to get her into private conversations. One night I asked her why she liked younger guys on the chat site.

When I wanted to snuggle in her breasts, when we hugged, she would pull me away can call me a "naughty boy" (with a sly smile), for example.

When I would do something nice for her she would say things like "how she wished she had a man like me".

She could not even enjoy masturbating unless she was indulging in this fantasy.

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Not so, when we are alone with our most trusted and dearest friend.… continue reading »

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