Customcontrol validating user input in Videos sex chat camzap

30-Oct-2020 14:05

In the component template, there are a few dynamic properties and events. We also bind to the value to set our checkbox value and our CSS class for styles.

In this post, we won’t cover the CSS file for this component as it is not Angular specific, but you can dig into the source code in the included working code example below.

Doing this allows developers using our component to assign a label element to the input to get the appropriate level of accessibility.

There is one trick though, we must pass the method passes back a callback to call whenever the user has touched the custom control.

This article has been updated to the latest version of Angular 8 and tested with Angular 7.

The content is likely be applicable for older Angular 2 or other previous versions.

Microsoft WPF team did not put much effort in creating a reliable validation system.In this article we are going to implement a user control which will validate a Text Box based on custom rules.