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Meanwhile, in a European country, Count Tagar, Porga and Jane Foster are on their way to the mountain citadel of a man known as the High Evolutionary.Along the way they are attacked by a group of armed mercenaries who are trying to get access to the High Evolutionary's inventions.The theme dictates the appearance of the base's Mainframe and Generator and other amenities as well as the appearance of the player's Henchmen.After obtaining a theme, the Player must obtain a Deed which dictates the location of the Lair or Hideout in Gotham City or Metropolis.The four warriors find a desolate and wasted world that is both harsh and cruel.That night as they camp out, Volstagg is awoken by a wise old man who convinces the rotund warrior into following him into a dark cavern. When Volstagg cowers in fear of it's power, he leaves himself open for the old man, who transforms into his true form, that of the dragon lord Fafnir.Not wishing to fight, the High Evolutionary points Thor to a classroom where Jane is teaching the Ani-Men and the lovers are reunited.This distraction however leaves the High Evolutionary's experiment unattended and the wolf is not only evolved to it's full lupin potential, but it's human potential as well, mutating it into the hate filled Man-Beast.

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Test out both Sex Chat and Sex Cams You should register to both of our two services, Sex Chat and Sex Cams.In spite of their best efforts, Tagar and Porga manage long enough to be rescued by the Evolutionary's defenders, the Knights of Wundagore.