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Some people have compared this to the Kobe Bryant case, where the defense team was so high-powered, they just outplayed the prosecution at every step.DON CLARK, FORMER HEAD OF FBI HOUSTON BUREAU: Jane, it`s all about the defense, that they`re going to make every effort that they can to discredit the prosecution in this case. And whether we talk about something that someone heard or someone said, that doesn`t matter.JOANNE MUSICK, FORMER PROSECUTOR: There`s always going to be inconsistencies with any case.What we need to know are all of the facts, and clearly, we do not know all of those yet.

Durham District Attorney Mike Nifong under attack in the Duke rape investigation.And I asked her where was it at, where did it happen, and she said at that house.(END VIDEO CLIP) VELEZ-MITCHELL: Former prosecutor Joanne Musick, is this a case perhaps where the defense can kind of cherry-pick different facts and line them up with other comments and paint a picture of inconsistencies that if we had all the evidence and we could look at all the paperwork that they have, we might say, Well, yes, there are some inconsistencies here because we`re dealing with human beings, but it`s not like there`s no case?It`s the evidence that they`re going to be able -- have to link together to be able to take to a jury.

And anything I think that the defense can find to discredit that, certainly, they are going to use it.But according to the defense, they`re now saying the accuser told the nurse that very night after the incident that she was not choked, that the medical staff reportedly saw no tenderness to her neck, according to the defense, the nurse noted that her head and neck were normal. RICHARD HERMAN, DEFENSE ATTORNEY: Jane, Nifong is making up the facts to fit some sort of portfolio here. (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) NANCY GRACE, HOST: You said you saw bruises on her face. UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Right up on the eyes and the jaw (INAUDIBLE) GRACE: And where was the scratch on her arm?