Dating and marriage in belgium

16-Sep-2019 22:44

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If you have found this blog useful, please help keep my site online. Your contribution would go to paying for monthly domain name & web hosting fees. Call your home country's Belgian Embassy to find out your options if you plan to declare legal cohabitation in Belgium.

❤️ : The steps below are from my experience with declaring cohabitation in the city of Antwerp. Do take into account that the laws and rules might change. It is best to obtain information from your local city hall. Make inquiries You or your partner in Belgium should call the local city hall and ask about the requirements in declaring legal cohabitation.

Documents to be sent within 3 months after appointment (but better if submitted on the day of your appointment): Proof of at least 2 years of regular meetings prior to the application (can be put in a USB); proof of health insurance of the Belgian partner; registered rental contract or title deed; proof of sufficient and regular resources of your partner.

Important: If your living situation changes in any way (if your partner changes jobs, etc.) do update the city hall as this will greatly affect their decision.

You will then receive your appointment date via email, along with a list of required documents. You will also receive the registered Declaration of Legal Cohabitation (), scan it and send a copy to the Loket Vreemdelingenzaken (Office of Foreign Affairs) of your local city hall. The Vreemdelingenzaken will then set an appointment date for family reunion residence request.

Since I'm from the Philippines (considered a 3rd world country), I had to apply for a Cohabitation Visa which is categorized as a Type C Short Stay Visa.

Citizens of countries that don't need a Schengen visa can go to Belgium directly without applying for any visas. Tip: Before every visit to the city hall, write down all the questions you have so you can easily recall them during your appointments.

Call your city hall exactly 6 months after your reunification request and confirm if your reunification request has been granted.

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In some cities, you will be given an appointment date that is set to 6 months after your residence request appointment date, and this appointment is when you will find out whether your request has been granted by the Immigration Office in Brussels. A second police visit might also be arranged prior to release of the Orange Card.