Dating clothing with rn numbers

28-Dec-2020 22:47

Excitedly, you move in to examine the garment’s designer, expecting to see a high-brow name or at the very least, a boutique label on such an exquisite piece.

But when you peer into the garment to examine the tag, you notice a foreign looking logo with a designer you’ve never seen before.

With an illustrious 90-year-old history, Saks Fifth Avenue has presumably changed its tag design numerous times.

Compare the Saks tag shown above to some of the tags from the 1960s on the Vintage Fashion Guild’s guide.

When you spot a recognizable brand with a clothing label not seen in stores today, chances are you’ve come across a piece from its vintage clothing archives.

HOW TO SPOT IT: When thrift store shopping, give each designer/label tag a second glance to identify whether it’s of modern design.

If your label’s modernity seems questionable, look up the brand name in the Vintage Fashion Guild’s label resource guide to compare your label’s design next to the pictures available.

But before the majority of our clothing was made in Asian countries, the ILGWU employed the women who manufactured American clothing available for purchase at mainstream stores.

You show the tag to your thrift shopping partner to see if she’s ever seen anything like it before.

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