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Information on the CPA exam, to include background information, education requirements, exam fees and taking the CPA exam, can be found on our website at

Passed CPA exam in another state or jurisdiction The experience requirement includes being employed in academia, a firm, government, or industry involving the substantial use of accounting, financial, tax, or other skills that are relevant, as determined by the VBOA.

In order to use the CPA title in Virginia, an individual must be licensed in Virginia or a substantially equivalent state or jurisdiction.

An individual must hold a CPA license in Virginia if providing services to the public and the principal place of business in which those services are provided is in Virginia. SSN or control number issued by the Virginia DMV are not eligible for a Virginia CPA license.

All firms subject to peer review will pay the annual fee based on the number of professionals in the firm.

The Peer Review Program is an educational and remedial program designed to help you improve the quality of your accounting and auditing practice.

Continuing Professional Education (CPE) is a separate and distinct annual requirement from the one-time eight-hour AICPA ethics course needed for initial licensure.

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During the licensure application process, applicants will be required to complete an Experience Verification Form to verify experience qualifications.

After careful consideration and upon the recommendation of the MSCPA Peer Review Committee, the Board of Governors voted unanimously at the May 9, 2019, meeting to transfer the administration of Mississippi firms’ peer review to the Alabama Society of CPAs. While a later transition date was originally planned, the earlier date will allow for a more economical and efficient transition to coincide with the Society’s year end which is June 30.

The MSCPA Board of Directors, staff and Peer Review Committee have worked diligently over the past two years to evaluate the administration process and the challenges and difficulties that the MSCPA would face going forward as a result of the AICPA’s enhancements to audit quality in the peer review program.

Pursuant to § 54.1-116 of the Code of Virginia, all CPA license applicants must provide a U. Social Security number or control number issued by the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles. After completing the online application, the applicant will be notified to submit supporting documentation regarding education requirements, experience qualifications and continuing professional education, including the annual Virginia-Specific Ethics Course.

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Questions about the AICPA Code of Professional Conduct may be directed to the AICPA Professional Ethics Division at [email protected] by calling the Ethics Hotline at 888-777-7077.

The Mississippi State Board of Public Accountancy has also expressed approval of the transition.