Dating engineering student

30-Jan-2020 10:55

Who wouldn’t love the idea of a boyfriend or girlfriend who brings an extra bottle of water while you’re hiking, just in case?

You’ll always be taken care of, especially when it’s their turn to prepare the date.

While stereotypes might render the following statistic surprising, engineers date more than any other academic major.

Forty-nine percent of engineering undergraduates are currently dating someone, compared to about 43 percent for undergraduates overall.

Based on the 1,415 students who disclosed their major, business school students were the most likely to date within their discipline, with 26 percent of those in a relationship dating another business student.

Not only is this healthy, but it also creates a phenomenal bond as you won’t have to spend every single waking second together.But at the end of the day, it can all be worth it, as you’ll have a significant other who clearly has a passion for what they do.