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Dog began treatment with second vet and is now heartworm negative.On June 25, 2009, a former employee reported to a Board investigator that vaccinations, including rabies vaccinations, were administered routinely to established clients while Respondent was absent, and rabies vaccination certificates were signed by employees.This website specifically disclaims any & all liability for any claims or damages that may result from providing the website or the information it contains.This paragraph shall accompany all distributions of this information & is incorporated into this information for all purposes.On June 25, 2013, Office of the Attorney General notified the Board that Respondent was in arrears on child support.Respondent has been in arrears in the past and received Board order 2013-51 for being in arrears.Failed to keep the required patient records for patient, and do not include “other details necessary to substantiate the examination, diagnosis, and treatment” provided, specifically the records contain no reference to veterinarian’s observations, subsequent treatment plans or discussion of hospitalization and/or observation of patient with the client.Failed to “Affix labels to all unlabeled containers containing any medication dispensed…”; Failed to obtain “a signed acknowledgment by the owner or caretaker of the patient that Chiropractic or MSM is considered by Texas law to be an alternate (nonstandard) therapy.”; Failed to maintain accurate patient records.

This website, which is NOT associated in any way with the Texas State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners, seeks to provide these records in a more organized and easily accessible manner.Failure to record details necessary to substantiate the treatment he provided “Perseus” between January 4-16, 2012 and failure to include details necessary to substantiate or document the examination, diagnosis, and treatment provided and surgical procedure performed.Failure to record the names, dosages, concentrations, and routes of administration of each drug prescribed, administered, and/or dispensed to “Rosco,” a miniature schnauzer between August 8-13, 2012.Cat passed away during recovery after corrective surgery performed by second vet.

Failed to perform an adult heartworm (occult) test on 3-year-old dog, considering his symptoms and medical history.Improper labeling of controlled substances; controlled substance records lacked current balance on hand; employee obtained controlled substances and prescription drugs with the Respondent's knowledge without a veterinary-client-patient relationship being established or determining that the drugs were therapeutically indicated.

The couple dated for 2 years and 1 months and split up in May 2010.… continue reading »

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