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18-May-2020 07:08

He’s just playing a waiting game for now.” The very next phrase is, “That’s not to say that he’s sitting around.” To clarify, while Jenner brought a child into this world with her new boyfriend, Tyga is fairly certain the two of them are “not over.” And he’s just “waiting” for them to get back together, but is doing that, as the outlet notes, by recently hanging out at “a nightclub with a brunette woman who definitely resembled his 20-year-old ex.” It sometime feels as if no one at Hollywood Life thinks through their fake news stories before slapping them together and posting them online.

Just to remind everyone, this is all coming from the same untrustworthy outlet that Gossip Cop busted when it swore up and down that Tyga was doing to do a “revenge” reality show about Jenner, as well as releasing “intimate videos” of her.

A new story that claims to know the reason why Tyga is “obsessed with dating Kylie Jenner look-alikes” is made-up.

The article was crafted by Hollywood Life, a site that often manufactures fake news. According to Hollywood Lies, as it’s known, Tyga is “pass[ing] the time” with Jenner clones until he and his famous ex-girlfriend get back together.

They refer to themselves in the plural, have matching shirts, and — oddly — even seem to look like each other.

Those first two can be stopped, but science has declared that, indeed, the longer you're with a partner (and we're talking seriously long-term here; decades, not months), the more you resemble each other.

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There are two main hypotheses for why this happened.

Either way, Zajonc's ideas are pretty easy to understand; two people who have lived lives of hardship and difficulty will probably wear similar frown lines.