Dating of mahabharata and ramayana

05-Dec-2019 03:12

Achar in Aug 2013 to check for the date in his astronomy software.He got two dates 3178 BCE and 3030 BCE, of which 3178 BCE is within 40 yrs of traditional date of MB.My article here taking up Oak’s theory of shift in the position of Arundhati, it can happen only under 2 circumstances. If the earth reverses its direction of rotation, the stars in the circumpolar constellation (Ursa Major) will reverse the direction in which Arundhati will move in front of Vasistha. What Oak says is with reference to change in equinoctial position or change in poles over 26000 years.The change in equinox – showing a shift in poles can be in understood by this figure.Details of this decipherment here: showing a date less than this is welcome.Why another year also appeared for the given inputs?Read Cp The date is deciphered as 29 June, 3123 BC! Next catastrophe happened 36 years after Mahabharata war when Krishna left the world.Massive waves that hit Dwaraka could have been caused by an asteroid hit off the coast of Madagascar 5000 yrs ago. UT23f Vfsg ZI The chevrons around Madagascar testify this.

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With axis falling in Aries- Libra, the motion goes upto 27 degrees to and fro. For the naked eye observer, Ursa Major does not undergo any change. To and fro oscillation for poles and Ursa Major does not cause change in position of Arundhati for an observer.

Only gradually Himalayans glaciers started breaking. So Ganga was not yet born in the time period he has given. Look at Hancock’s map prepared based on climate, rainfall etc of those times.

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