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"Fires tend to move through a home, so 20 minutes is about the average in a room or an area." Burglary protection Independent ratings for burglary resistance are less common for home safes than for ones made for commercial users, such as jewelry stores.

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This information should be on the safe itself, and you might see it on the packaging as well.

A TL-15 rated safe, for example, can withstand an attack of at least 15 minutes using common tools.

While most home safes don't carry a rating for burglary resistance, they do, as a practical matter, provide some protection. Mc Goey, a security consultant in Los Angeles, says that burglars generally go for what they can grab in one run through a house.

Dale Soos, an engineer with Intertek, says his organization confers a "verified" mark on safes that meet their manufacturers' criteria for water resistance.

Some safes are submerged to simulate the effects of a flood or broken water line.What else to keep in it The table below lists some important documents you might want to keep in a safe.