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14-Nov-2020 20:21

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Yet fashion's pendulum never ceases to swing, and there might well be a time in the future when fashion will demand that heads need to be covered again.

Why the fashion for wearing or not wearing a hat fluctuates at different times can only be explained with hindsight of historical and social developments.

The tube could be up to two feet in length with a long ribbon added, which could be wound around the head in infinite variety.

The coif, the gorget, and the liripipe were collectively called the chaperon.

The twenty-first century is a relatively hatless age, with the exception of the baseball cap and modern hoods.

This might be just a passing fad, but it is socially as significant as trends of the previous era, when men wore proper hats all the time. Eighteenth-century wigs replaced hats and coiffeurs eclipsed the hatter, but the nineteenth century dictated hats for men again with many important styles still remembered with nostalgia.

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The exceptions were military helmets, worn over a leather cap and held in place by a chinstrap.Occasionally, the soft gorget was replaced by a houppeland, a stiff collar cradling the head and tucked under the liripipe or rondelet at the back of the head.