Dating relationship military man breakup

20-Oct-2019 18:13

He lives 2 hours away and comes visit me every weekend. I didn't want to do that cause we're not married plus I'm Asian.This was my first boyfriend so for sure I want to make it work and do long distance. I asked him to wait for me 3 years after I'm done school and will find a job there and have my own place.In those 3 years, we'll only see each other a couple to times then.

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Long story short they dont want her dating someone in the military and want her dating a college student who possibly has a future.

Yeah school will keep me busy so it'll help to take my mind off of it.

Before he left, he has the nerves to say if in three years I have no one and he has no one, would I get back together with him? he's not as goal-oriented as me and I cannot deal with someone like that.

i left for a 6 month and got extended for another 3 more.

Haha she is asian as well but things happen for a reason and it really wasnt meant to be.

I'm trying not to think of him and at times, I have flashbacks and I just started crying, thinking how can he do this to me...