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25-Sep-2019 02:47

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In a perfect world, you’d like Human Ken would have a thing for the real-life version of the popular doll.Unfortunately, the guy feels she isn’t completely dedicated to transforming herself into a flesh-and-blood Barbie. And now I feel like she’s kind of hanging onto straws with these retarded articles about her living on air and light,” he explained.Ukrainian internet sensation Valeria Lukyanova captured global attention when she was declared a real-life Barbie doll, earlier this year.The hype around the young woman cooled off after the initial burst of interest.Meanwhile, plastic surgeon Dr Anthony Youn (who has not treated Lukyanova either) claimed that despite denials, he feels sure Lukyanova has undergone surgery to alter her natural physical features."Her face is impossibly sculpted and chiseled, as if made from a plastic mold.It appears to me that she's either wearing two pounds of fancy, special-effects makeup or has had some plastic surgery to reshape her eyes and her nose.

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In response to the public’s reaction to her physical transformation, Valeria said, “Even though people call me a Barbie, I never tried to look like a doll.Since Justin believes that Lukyanova is simply a “little girl dressing like a doll,” he doesn’t feel she deserves the sort of attention the media is giving her these days. In his humble opinion, her entire situation is “shady.”“If all it takes for you to be a plastic surgery celebrity is tracks in your hair, colored contacts, and breast implants, then three-quarters of the women in L. It should be noted that Dr Meyers has not treated or consulted Lukyanova in any way."Considering her from a strength-based approach, her efforts indicate an innovative and truly artistic orientation, where she uses her body as post-feminist performance art," he explained.

"The problem, however, with such a perspective is that her ultra-contrived appearance caters exclusively to men's fantasies of tiny waistlines and enormous breasts in women."Because men can't find this fantasy in real life, pictures of the Human Barbie send these men flocking to the internet for a cybersexual experience that casts the real women in their lives aside because they simply can't - and shouldn't - measure up," Dr Meyers added.I'm Gina, the night editor here at!