Dating vintage radios

19-Nov-2019 01:16

Orig­i­nal sell­ing prices and pro­duc­tion fig­ures for each mod­el made between 19 are tak­en from infor­ma­tion giv­en in mod­el through the 1957 mod­el year. The views expressed here­in regard­ing the for­mer Philco Cor­po­ra­tion are the opin­ions of the Philco Radio His­tor­i­cal Soci­ety.

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The normal way to identify a radio is by manufacturer and model number (for example, “Zenith 7G605″ or “Philco 42-350″).When using these illus­tra­tions for ref­er­ence, please keep in mind that the col­ors may not be accu­rate in these illus­tra­tions.Please note that Philco did not man­u­fac­ture radios for civil­ian use dur­ing 1943, 1944 or 1945. No part of this web­site, includ­ing text and/or pic­tures, may be used in any form with­out express writ­ten per­mis­sion of the site own­er.Pictures and information about specific model numbers can be found on the website

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Look at antique radio reference books at your local library, bookstore or online to view information about Silvertone radios and view photos of antique Silvertones.Here’s how to go about identifying an antique or vintage radio, and then how to decide if it’s playable.