Dating women emotional baggage

19-Dec-2020 16:46

She has trouble talking about her feelings or the relationship.She may appear to be diving into the relationship headfirst at some points, but then, suddenly withdraws.If she does not seem eager to include you in her social circles, meaning she makes excuses not to introduce you to her friends and family, this is cause for concern.Someone who is interested in having a close, intimate relationship with you wants you to be a part of their life.

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Trust and self-concealment—the hiding of oneself from one’s partner and even keeping secrets from them—form a reciprocal cycle in romantic relationships involving an emotionally unavailable partner.[i] If you perceive the woman you are dating to be concealing herself from you, you will grow suspicious and distrustful of her.It’s hard to tell how long temporary unavailability will last or if it will develop into chronic unavailability.Therefore, the best way to avoid the potential pain of her eventually breaking up with you, is not to wait for her.She seems more in her own head than present with you when you spend time together, then makes excuses not to see you, or disappears entirely for a while.

You simultaneously feel a passionate connection with her and the immense pain of not being able to get close to the one you love.At the same time, distrust is causing her to conceal herself from you.