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My mom and my brother still make fun of me on a routine basis, so not much has changed. Andrew and I were in the same group of four for the first audition and he didn't make the cut. I turned to him and said, 'Is this something you want me to do? But I think eventually I would love to settle down and have a family and bring some kids into the world. Had eleven songs entered in the Billboard Hot 100 and fourteen songs on the Hot Digital Songs lists.Because if you don't, I won't.' And his response was, 'If you don't, I'll beat your ass.' So it's entirely his and my mother's fault that this happened to me, and I'm very grateful. His eleven songs on the Hot 100 chart are the most songs in a week by any artist in the Nielsen Music era.Eventually, while being the accompaniment to his brother at an American Idol audition, he would go on and do an audition himself.He continued to make consistent and impressive performances on the show, singing songs including “Day Tripper”, “Dare You To Move”, “Little Sparrow” and “All Right Now”, and gained significant recognition not only for his voice, but also for his unique renditions of the songs he performed.At the age of 13 he was given his first guitar and started performing in choir and musicals while he was attending Blue Springs South High School.He also played baseball, but after an injury decided to focus more on music.During 2009, Cook started cancelling dates on his tour because of his brother dying of brain cancer.

Prior to “American Idol”, he was already playing for bands and had made a few recordings.

He won with 56 percent or 12 million votes, over runner up David Archuleta.

Just a week after winning the competition, David broke various Billboard records such as having 11 songs debut in the Billboard Hot 100 charts, the most of any era since The Beatles had 14 songs in the charts.

David Roland Cook was born on 20 December 1982, in Houston, Texas, USA, and is a singer and songwriter, probably best known for winning “American Idol” during its seventh season.

After this win, he also released a self-titled debut album which became very popular and was certified platinum.

During his first album, Cook worked with a variety of bands and released the first song “Light On’ which went on to become a platinum single, and eventually the album itself sold over one million units certifying it platinum.