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02-Mar-2020 09:12

About six-in-ten Germans name France as one of their country’s top two foreign policy partners, while roughly one-third name the U. These results are consistent across a range of political parties: Supporters of the CDU/CSU, their coalition partner the SPD, the Left Party and the Greens all rank France and the U. However, when Germans were asked specifically about U.S.-German relations, roughly seven-in-ten (72%) said they would like their country to pursue a more independent approach.

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Despite their differences, Americans and Germans are both favorable toward the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

Americans and Germans have vastly different opinions of their bilateral relationship, but they tend to agree on issues such as cooperation with other European allies and support for NATO, according to the results of parallel surveys conducted in the United States by Pew Research Center and in Germany by Körber-Stiftung in the fall of 2018. S., seven-in-ten say that relations with Germany are good, a sentiment that has not changed much in the past year.