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"Code Blue Plate Special" also sees Finn exercise an ability to disperse CSIs from a crime scene for the first time, noting that she needs the whole area to herself, much to the annoyance of Nick Stokes.

In "Wild Flowers"; however, Stokes and she are shown to be close once again with him warning Moreno not to play games with Finn, while Moreno states she is "hot and cold". B., Finn becomes close to both Morgan, who confides in Finn about her personal life ("Play Dead"), and Sara, who shares with her her emotional anguish over the death of Warrick Brown ("Fallen Angels").

While their friendship was initially strained, they reconciled this when he recruited her as a consultant (and paid her one dollar for her services) in Las Vegas.

Finlay has been married twice, divorcing both husbands.

Season 12 also reveals that antibody profiling is Finn's specialty ("Split Decisions"), and she is not afraid to embrace her sexuality ("Altered Stakes").

In "Altered Stakes", Russell makes Finn attend a baseball game for "the team", in which she pretends to have a stitch to flirt with Detective Carlos Moreno on third base.

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The two are confidantes once again in "It Was A Very Good Year", however, with Finn inquiring as to Barbara Russell's emotional state.It is revealed to the audience that Crenshaw is an employee of Jeffrey Mc Keen, and he states he has "eyes on the package" - he plans to kidnap Finlay as part of a decapitation strategy that sees Ecklie gunned down while walking with Morgan and Russell's abducted granddaughter ("Homecoming").The 13th season begins with Finlay telling Crenshaw she intends to find out what he is planning.He later lures her to a bar where Russell's granddaughter is being held captive.

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Crenshaw locks Finn up with Kaitlyn, though she takes the opportunity to release the kidnapped girl, and engages in a fight with her captors.Russell later offers Finn a more permanent position as his assistant supervisor, a job she says she will consider, and later accepts.

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