Embarrassing dating moments

02-Nov-2019 16:23

What I forgot, however, was that I had recently gotten my nose pierced so when he was taking off my sweater, it got stuck in my nose ring and pulled off my nose ring along with it.

I screamed in pain, there was blood oozing out, and the pain was just...horrendous!

It was undoubtedly, the most embarrassing moment ever! We were meeting each other after almost six months and were super excited to have sex. So my friend hooked me up on a blind date and the guy was genuinely nice all through the evening so when he asked me to come over to his place, I agreed. Thinking that a few embarrassing sounds are totally normal during sex, I continued. A candlelit dinner, a movie and then we had planned to get down and dirty. Slowly the clothes came off, soon enough we were both in the depths of pleasure. He laughed it off but let's just say, we had to work hard, all over again, to get back into the game.

You know you tend to get things done as quickly as you can when you wait to get action for so long, right? After a while, he farted again and this time, it was a smelly one! We had been dating for two months and this was going to be our first time. He was almost about to climax when I let out a queef... I and my boyfriend were meeting after ages and so, our passion was at an all time high!

Needless to say, we spent that day nursing my wound with no sex at all!

His mother knew him and I were dating but I had never really met her.

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“I was going down on a girl after a really late night out and I was hammered. She stormed out and broke up with me after.” —Jacob“Clearing it up, I know how to put on condoms.In the middle of a make-out session, my boyfriend asked me ‘Can I go down on you? My heart was beating really fast - this was the first time that someone was going down on me!When he reached down there though and I felt his tongue, it felt so weird that I ended up snapping my legs shut real fast..his head still in between!We were in the thick of the moment when he suddenly stopped kissing my neck and looked up.

Sometimes you're in the middle of a steamy hookup, and everything's going great...until something horribly embarrassing happens and you literally want to die right then and there. I started to feel sick while down there and I couldn’t stop or make it in time to the bathroom and I threw up all over her vagina.” —Mark*“So she was pretty pissed off and it was definitely a really bad mess up in addition to being humiliating for me but we were going at it and I called out my ex’s name. I don’t use them all the time, but I know how to use one.

’ He had just moved into a new neighbourhood and it was pretty abandoned and a little isolated.

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