Extortion blackmail dating

17-Dec-2019 22:56

In early October 2015, police arrested D and searched his premises, finding 25 x 22 calibre rounds and 1 x 222 calibre round in a plastic zip lock bag (0 fine).

Shortly after, a final personal safety intervention order was made against D, protecting V.

D had used the identity documents over six months to commit various acts of dishonesty including: D (a member of an outlaw motorcycle club) and three others entered KT’s home uninvited and demanded over 0,000 from him, intending to cause fear. Because KT refused to pay, D organised others to attend KT’s home, at one time instructing them to leave a bullet in KT’s door. When DF and SF refused to comply, D and J assaulted them, causing cuts and tenderness. D also made threatening calls to LP demanding money that was owed to GA’s construction company.

While GA did not tell D to collect debt, D and an unknown person went to the home of RP, LP’s brother, where they assaulted RP and damaged the house, while demanding that AG be paid (2y).

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C wished to get back the money he was owed from V, in order to repay a debt C owed to D.

Policy, double punishment – impermissible to punish the same act twice – not applied in case - no incorrect overlapping of facts - separate charges and punishments appropriate.