Finnish dating customs Wisconsin wives chat rooms

05-Nov-2019 19:54

It used to be the custom after the banns were read for the first time for the bride and an older woman to visit her relatives and neighbors.The purpose was to collect gifts, usually linen, wool, cloth, and money.A formal proposal of marriage was preceeded by a discreet inquiry to ensure it would not meet rejection.The proposal was usually made in the evening and unknown to an outsider, except in Karelia where it was a village affair with lots of festivity.t times while doing genealogy research, I've noticed that young couples married at a very young age and wondered if there was an error in the dates.

Rings weren't used until the 18th century in western Finland, and not until the early 19th century in eastern Finland.

Later the young people traveled into town together to buy rings and a silken scarf. According to the ecclesiastic order of 1571 the banns had to be published before a betrothal.