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13-Sep-2019 01:34

Around 50 caravans have blighted the Hove seafront over the weekend after parking up on Friday night, with locals outraged they were able to invade the protected site in the first place.

Council and police officials served them with an eviction notice, but they were still seen sunning themselves (bottom left) and swimming in the sea (top right) this morning.

Gavin Williamson has insisted sacking Tory rebels who side with Jeremy Corbyn on Brexit is the 'right decision' as the Education Secretary became the second Cabinet minister to suggest the government will ignore any anti-No Deal law passed by MPs.Visibly shaken by what he'd just witnessed on the television monitor, he said: 'Oh wow. Correa remains in hospital in a stable condition having suffered two broken legs and a spinal injury.Jeremy Corbyn said the PM should 'let the people decide' if Remainers manage to block No Deal in a massive Parliamentary showdown this week.Worried residents crowded the usually tranquil promenade desperately trying to get answers from police and council officials as they appeared to negotiate with the travellers.

Pictures from today show rubbish strewn across Hove lawns (left), with dozens of motorhomes still parked up ruining the view of Brighton Pier in the background (inset).

Lewis Hamilton witnessed the horror 170mph crash that claimed the life of Anthoine Hubert whilst conducting an interview.

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