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04-Dec-2020 11:27

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Again, his tendency to overcomplicate things and read too much into things can throw a wrench in your relationship.

A lot of women read the Aquarius man’s emotional intensity as a positive asset.

In many cases, Aquarius men might not end up marrying their partner, but they end up benefiting them just as well. Their emotional authenticity ends up making their partner grow up.

You become more mature and more polished so you are prepared for a real lasting love in your next relationship.

By knowing that he’s an emotional idealist, you can push back.

You can remind this person that he is living in reality.

Their emotional authenticity pushes you on a corner.

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This goes a long way in dispelling Aquarius misconceptions regarding emotional intimacy and expressing their affection.A lot of Aquarius people like to think that they’re so in tune emotionally that they can pretty much read their partner. There’s really no person that can look at another person and know exactly what they’re feeling.Instead, most of the time, people read in emotional meanings into the signals people send out.It’s very easy to get that warm, fuzzy feeling that you have finally arrived at a place that you are fully accepted and never judged.

geminis dating aquaius-33

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These of course are the classic symptoms of a new relationship with an Aquarius person.

Things are never as black and white as the Aquarius man would like to imagine them to be.