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With these ground rules, your responsive designs will be more robust and predictable.

Back when the viewport meta tag was first introduced, common knowledge was you had to add in all sorts of values to prevent users from resizing and to have a minimum and maximum screen size.

“He doesn’t need a lot of touches and he’s made them a four goal better team in my opinion.“No one else can make someone a four goal better team like he can …

it’s a massive advantage.“Aaron Sandilands must have thought maybe I should have waited one more week to come back.”West Coast has climbed from fifth to second in the past three weeks after wins against Essendon, Hawthorn and Fremantle, with Naitanui transforming the midfield.

A great way to (re-)learn how to build common layouts with Flexbox and CSS Grid is

It lists common layouts and explains how to build them using modern techniques.

Quick rule of thumb: you want your line lengths to be around 70 characters long. Your media queries are based on the content so this will let your site look great even for people that have made their browsers base font-size larger or smaller or have zoomed in their browser.

The rest of your design will properly adjust to this and make your site more robust.

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They almost always have just a single column, and lack many of the additional flourishes you have space for on larger screens.

impact on the game, not necessarily just possessions,” Bartel said.

There are many moving parts, things might lay out in ways you didn't expect and keeping all various viewports in mind when laying out a design can be daunting.

After all, your favorite hand-off tool probably lets you copy them with ease.

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Elements with fixed widths (or margins) could easily break your layout if you're not careful. To expand on the previous rule, modern layout methods like Flexbox and CSS Grid are built to be inherently flexible and size according to their surroundings.

If all your media queries work "up" or "down", you always know where to look when your site doesn't look as you expect it to at a certain size.