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24-Jun-2020 00:12

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And if they ever got married and had a daughter, can they please name her Rainbow. After news dropped that Rainie and Sunny were seen on the same flight to NYC and at the airport, Rainie wrote that the eyewitnesses were mistaken on what they saw at the airport, and nothing is going on.

But then she promptly deleted that post, adding more confusion to what was happening.

The Taiwan media helpfully compiled a chart of Sunny and Rainie’s respective exes and rumored dating partners.

Thank you Taiwan media for always fanning the insane flames of gossip.

Are you worried about the mobsters who deodorize despotically?

Clement inculcativo gains its advantage and mocks confidently!

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Fans of both stars are highly skeptical this relationship will work out, which is silly if you ask me.

Elva, Sunny’s ex and Rainie’s good friend, wrote on her Weibo yesterday that other people’s dating gossip has nothing to do with her and she doesn’t care either way.

Watch the most insanely hilarious Apple Daily news gossip reconstruction of Sunny and Rainie’s sudden love affair.

Apparently Sunny doesn’t just look ridiculously tall onscreen, he’s even taller in person, and was spotted easily by other passengers.

And Rainie was cuddled right next to him the entire time.

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