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20-Jan-2020 23:05

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Plus I’m dying to see what Eugene picks as her wedding dress.She’s got such an eye for elegance and classy styles.Couples usually fight because you try to force and change the partner’s personality. He was so sleek in that Drama that he immediately caught my attention.

It is so sweet to see Ki Tae Young taking care of Ro Hee all by himself and having quality father daughter time.

And currently she is seen in the variety show The Return of Superman.──────── ❥──Who is Ki Tae Young? Since then He has starred in many dramas and most recently he is seen in the variety show The Return of Superman along with his daughter Ro Hee.──────── ❥──Eugene Ki Tae Young= First Meeting This couple has been very vocal about their relationship and their journey together.

She was last seen in the Drama All about my Mom, back in 2015.

K-entertainment tends to sensationalize gossip or else fixate on scandals or tragedies, so it’s truly a joy to see such an honest and simple declaration of love from two famous actors. She’s been in the industry since 1997, transitioning from a girl group member to a bona fide actress with style, grace, and hard work.

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The pictures from their press conference are beyond gorgeous, their happiness radiating in every single shot. Random fact I just learned: Eugene and Sung Yuri are born on the same day, same, month, same year – March 3, 1981.

Today I am back on behalf of our Reel Real Couple Team to bring to you the fairytale love story of another #Real Life Couple of the KWorld. They met for the first time in 2009 on the sets of the Drama "Creating Destiny" in which they were co-stars.──────── ❥──Eugene Ki Tae Young= Dating Since, sparks flew between these two, so, once their drama "Creating Destiny" wrapped up, Eugene took the initiative to get close to Ki Tae Young and with a lil effort, the couple started dated shortly after. The title is 'Oh My Fairy'."In an interview when Eugene was asked to describe Ki Tae Young, She said that Ki Tae Young is very devoted to his family.

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