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18-Oct-2020 23:35

Sasson V' Simcha - The Center for Jewish Marriage, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping Jewish men and women meet, date, marry, and build happy, stable Jewish homes.Participants left with an uplifting sense of warmth and inspiration.As one parent expressed, “What they get here, they don’t get anywhere else!The series culminated in Kollel Tiferes Menachem’s fifth annual all-day course with Rabbi Manis Friedman on the beautiful campus of Chabad of Pacific Palisades.Rabbi Friedman addressed questions of before and during dating, and after marriage, such as: What is the role of a husband? What you need to know about yourself before dating, providing perspective-changing insight to guide the students and prepare them for this most important life event.Our resources are available to all Jewish individuals, families, and communities.

Bruce Bloom of the Chevra Kadisha, Rabbi Reuven Nathanson of the OU for a real-life class on today’s consumer kashrus, and a hands-on shechita and melicha class with Rabbi Zalmen Schmukler.

Names remain only within our group of shadchanim and are revealed to a prospective match only after we receive the appropriate consent. Baruch Hashem, much attention has been given to shidduchim lately.

However, a very important group of people has not been sufficiently addressed.

Full Story, Photos Parents, friends and community, from across the US, joined to honor the achievement of the newly ordained rabbonim from Kollel Tiferes Menachem in Los Angeles and to mark the culmination of a remarkable 19th year at the Smicha Yeshiva.

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Full Story, Photos The atmosphere was charged with joy and pride.

The "sponsor" can then email the background form to his/her single talmid and ask them to fill in the details and email it back to the "sponsor".

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